The acquisition of Booz & Company by PwC created a branding challenge. The name was of huge value — with over 100 years of history behind it — but under the terms of the deal, it was not possible for the company to continue to use it. A branding solution that retained the value of Booz & Company was important for the success of the deal.

It was important that Booz & Company retained a distinct identity and a clear voice in the marketplace — so a quick change to PwC was out of the question. This meant that an entirely new brand had to be created and the existing equity quickly transferred over.

The creation of Strategy& did more than transition existing brand value, it helped to further enhance the perception and understanding of the company. It signalled a new approach to consulting in a somewhat staid market. And it created a powerful communications vehicle from which the company could showcase its expertise.

More than a name

Despite the loss of the ‘Booz’ name, some key elements of the identity were still available — a bold use of black and white, a strong, opinionated voice, and a distinct ampersand. These elements were carried forward to create continuity, with the ampersand becoming an integral part of the new name as well as a key part of the communications approach for the company.

Beyond strategy

The Strategy& brand allowed the company to emphasise the elements that could be coupled to strategy to provide solutions that go beyond what is expected. It also allowed it to talk about the approach it took to solving problems, or the benefits its services could bring to its clients.

About the project