National Trust Catering

National Trust Catering

The National Trust Catering identity is designed to act as an authentic platform for each property that is reflective of the honest ethos at the heart of the Trust. Turning convention on its head, the catering identity is confidently quiet allowing the key messages to take centre stage.

For many people, the experience of eating and drinking at a National Trust property is an essential part of their visit. Key to this experience is creating an inviting and engaging environment that communicates the unique messages on offer: ‘taste the seasons’, ‘love local’ and ‘made here today’.

Inspired by the original signage found in the Trust gardens across the country, a unique and bespoke signage system was created with a contemporary twist, delivering the authentic notion of ‘plot to plate’ integral to each eating experience.

A recipe for success

Each and every property’s catering experience needed to be unique, authentic and not generic. The high-street chain model was not appropriate, nor the approach of a single restaurant. A new way of thinking was needed. lukecharles established an iterative process working closely with the client 
team from both catering and brand (across the country) to ensure the perfect solution was met.

From research to concept, prototypes to client workshops, 3-dimensional structures to point-of-sale, print production to the creation of desktop publishing templates, photography to sourcing engaging props and installation, the identity was born.

Eating with the Trust

The proof was in the pudding with every visitor inspired to come back and do it again. Within a month of the launch, visitor numbers to ‘the Restaurant’ at Polesden Lacey increased by 27%.

Integral to
the experience,
unique to the place
National Trust Catering
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