Bentleys is a treasure-trove of the unexpected. Since Tim Bent founded the company in 1989, it has specialised in finding antique English leather accessories and travel goods, beautifully made silver from the Edwardian era and 
the finest vintage trunks from the great French 
houses of Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermès.

In a world where everything is available, a truly bespoke and unique product is a very hard thing to find. The brand needed to deliver on this idea and switch from an antiques business to a luxury retail business, where history is found and sold.

Designing trust

Inspired by initials applied to Louis Vuitton trunks in the 19th Century to show they were authentic and others were mere imitations, we created a bespoke typeface that allowed the brand to mirror the same thinking of Monsieur Vuitton. Each individual piece of history found has its own individual story to tell, and whether it be a private museum, fashion house, collector or individual the authenticity of the story must be true. The Bentleys bespoke brand typeface acts as a seal of approval and delivers on the brand promise — the best is good enough.

The best
is good enough
About the project